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SWACHH+ Hand Sanitizer
Brand: Austro Lab
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Each ml contains: Dhaniya, Coriandrum sativum 0.3 mg (Seeds) Neem, Azadirachta Indica 0.05 mg (Rhizome), Nagarmotha, Cyperus scariosus 0.25 mg (Leaves), Aloevera, Aloe barbadensis 02 mg (W.P), Other Excipients: Ethyl Alcohol 66.5% v/v Denatured with), Isopropyl Alcohol 3.5% v/v, Base Q.S. INDICATION: Disinfectant. CAUTION: Inflammable. Keep away from fire. Do not use on Sensitive areas of the skin and raw skin. If skin irrtation persists or eyes. If Swallowed accidentally, consult your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes if contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water. Childrens should Use under adult supervision. Aqurvedic Proprietary Medicine FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Store in a cool place. NO SIDE EFFECT MADE IN INDIA Prolect from direct sunlight. Keep out of the children Net Vol: 300 ml

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